Company History

The Bittner family has passed on its knowledge of the healing properties of herbs from one generation to the next. The harmonious blend of traditional know-how and modern technology led to the creation of the company in 1954, in Weitensfeld, in the Carinthian Gurktal Nature Park.

Originally focusing on the development and production of herbal and complex, homeopathic remedies, Richard Bittner AG has gone from strength to strength, culminating in a modern, research-based pharmaceutical company..

  • 1954

    Creation of Richard Bittner GmbH in Weitensfeld, Austria
  • 1990

    Onset of strategic development in the Eastern European pharmaceutical markets
  • 1992

    Creation of import companies in Russia, Ukraine and Poland
  • 1994

    Opening of the Feldkirchen production plant, Carinthia
  • 1995

    Creation of Herbs Trading GmbH
  • 1999

    Fitania SIA was created as the Richard Bittner AG subsidiary in Riga, Latvia
  • 2001

    Creation of a representative office in Hungary; further expansion of the business segment in Russia and Ukraine
  • 2003

    Richard Bittner GmbH became Richard Bittner AG
  • 2004

    Registration of the first medical device in Germany
  • 2006

    New construction of a production plant in Feldkirchen, Carinthia; creation of a representative office in Warsaw
  • 2007

    Richard Bittner AG taken over by Omega Pharma
  • 2008

    Completion of the Feldkirchen production plant, Carinthia
  • 2014

    Taken over by Perrigo